More than a Mover: TROSA’s Mission

Not everyone knows that TROSA Moving is part of a larger mission, and is actually just one enterprise within a larger nonprofit organization. TROSA is an acronym for Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Inc. TROSA was founded in 1994 and we are a licensed treatment facility helping individuals with substance use disorders become healthy, productive members of their communities and families. Our belief is that by providing a safe and sober space where residents can form positive connections within a community and take on responsibility for themselves and others, they will begin to change their behaviors in a way that leads to a better life. TROSA Moving has been supporting that mission for over 20 years.

TROSA’s social enterprises, including TROSA Moving, provide an opportunity for residents at TROSA to practice positive behaviors daily, forming positive relationships on their move teams and taking responsibility for providing a great moving experience for our customers. We have seen this process work year after year, as evidenced by the success of our graduates and the awards that we have been given by the greater Triangle community, including annual honors from WRAL, the Herald Sun, IndyWeek, and Angie’s List. Social enterprises like TROSA Moving also help us to keep this program free of charge to those who need it, providing over half of our annual revenue.

Moving is a great enterprise for our model, because it doesn’t matter what a person’s education or employment background is – they can start out learning how to move items safely from one spot to another. Then, as they learn, grow, and demonstrate positive behavior changes, residents can become a strength on a crew, then a crew boss, and from there go in a variety of different directions. They can train for their CDL, the type of driver’s license that allows them to drive larger trucks for over-the-road transport. They can become an estimator, learning to determine how many resources a job will require as well as valuable sales skills. They can move into a front office spot in operations, or become part of our fleet management division. There are numerous opportunities depending on a resident’s interest and skill set.

TROSA Moving is just one of many community assignments that TROSA offers. To learn more about TROSA and its 25-year history, go to or check out our Facebook page. At TROSA Moving, we’re more than just movers – we’re working to support a mission and help save lives!

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