How TROSA Moving is Keeping Everyone Safe during COVID19

At TROSA Moving, we are taking steps to deal with the COVID19 issue and still take care of our customers’ moving, storage, and packing needs.

Things we are doing to keep our customers and movers safe:

  • Keeping our office and bathrooms clean. We sanitize our facility multiple times each day.
  • Keeping our trucks clean. We sanitize vehicles after every move.
  • Keeping all visitors out of our office and making sure all personnel wash their hands often.
  • Asking anyone who is sick to stay home.
  • Checking temperatures of personnel each morning.
  • Allowing customers to do video estimates if they want (via Zoom or FaceTime apps) or phone estimates.

As we learn more about the virus, we will take additional steps to keep our customers safe. We ask any customer that is sick to please reschedule their move. Please have one bathroom reserved only for the use of our movers – they will sanitize it prior to the move and once they are ready to leave the property.

Moving is an essential service that people need, and we understand that. We are committed to doing it as safely as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services or the steps we are taking to address safety during the pandemic, please call (919) 419-1059 or fill out a contact form here on our website.

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